P H A R M A C E U T I C A L     D E P A R T M E N T
Predrag Kražić
Jovan Matić
Brankica Zajić
Adviser for Pharmacy
Senior adviser for Pharmacy
Mr Ph. Marketing Director

Business cooperation agreement signed with DP KNM-Farma forwards the end of 2001.

Marked significiant milestone in our companies breakthrough into pharmaceuticals. We are currently engaged in representation, importation and registration of foreign made pharmaceuticals with eventual aim of going into production.

We have signed representative agreements with pharmaceutical companies from Poland, Ukraine and Italy such as POLFARMEX, LEKHIM, ZAVOD BORSHCHAGIVSKY , FARMA RESA and in September 2003 we have received our first registration.

Besides our every day marketing and sales efforts, we are also pursuing joint venture opportunities for brand new green field pharmaceutical facility.

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mailing address :  Beogradska 39/VI   11000 Beograd    Serbia